What Your Makeup Says About You

You may believe that actions speak louder than words, but in an age where even men are aware of trends in makeup, and talk show hosts boast that changing your life is as easy as changing your lipstick, it’s more likely that your makeup is doing more talking than your actions.

We (as makeup artists) can easily judge the contents of your character by the contents of your makeup bag. Frosted lipstick? Black liquid eyeliner? You’re living in the past, clinging to old dreams that never came true.

Is your makeup drawer dotted with scarcely touched shades of red lipstick? Chances are, you secretly long for attention but are unprepared for the consequences. You cling to your “safety” nudes day in and day out, too worried what others will think of you to venture into color.

And what about the women whose bags are stuffed with the newest mascara formulas, the latest palette of sparkling eye shadows, or the most recent edition of luminous foundations? Is last season’s makeup already forgotten, pawned off on your niece or mother? You’re allowing your beauty to be determined by a faceless, billion dollar industry whose main objective is to get you to buy, buy, buy your way pretty. Stop looking at makeup ads featuring seventeen year old models, (of COURSE they’re gorgeous) and start looking into your mirror. You’re already there.


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