Green Goes Buh-Bye?

I’m really disappointed. I have been so busy that I forgot to share some of the cool new products I’ve tried lately, and in the two weeks that have passed, one of those products took a bit of a hit on the open market. I’m talking about Physician’s Formula newest Organic Line. It is the very first makeup line in the U.S. to be “Eco-Cert” qualified, and while the line is starting out small (tinted moisturizers, bronzers, blushers, concealers & powders), the packaging is delightful (it’s primarily made from recycled paper), and the quality is pretty good (considering you can pick it up at your local drugstore). The line was launched initially, it seems in packaged sets: A tinted moisturizer plus a bronzer plus a concealer stick for $24.00

Did I mention the price point is FANTASTIC? Anyway, I bought two sets and returned the one which didn’t look great on my skin (the fair to light tint has a pink undertone, while F/L bronzer is super warm, and the concealer stick smelled so strangely fruity that I had to wash my face before I could enjoy my dinner). No problem returning products to Walgreen’s, even used, which I LOVE. I ended up getting a smaller light to natural set, giving the bronzer to my husband who WORSHIPS it, and purchasing a separate bronzer called “natural” which has a touch of pink mixed in with it. It’s one of the best bronzers I’ve ever used, and I love that it is organic, and weird ingredient-free.

So yesterday I felt ready to further explore my relationship with Organic Physician’s Formula, and walked into my local Walgreen’s to find that the line had been pulled. “Not enough interest”, they said. PF (like many cosmetic companies) test certain markets by introducing these package sets, and seeing how well they sell before stocking a store with individual SKUs of their products. My local Walgreen’s is here in San Francisco, in Pacific Heights (a neighborhood that tauts a nice Whole Foods, several wine bars, and hundreds of educated female hippies and other liberals who have achieved some level of success (it costs a small fortune to live next to the dog park in a studio). Why aren’t these people buying organic makeup? Is it that they prefer not to wear any at all? Or perhaps they get the goods from the paltry selection at Whole Foods? No. I’ve spent hours in the cosmetics aisle in Whole Foods, reading the backs of moisturizer bottles and tubes of lip gloss, and I am usually alone. You know where I see my neighbors?

In the department store, sitting in a makeup artist’s chair. (sometimes mine)

Yes, while I am “The Green Makeup Artist”, I am also an artist for a major line. It gives me a chance to touch all kinds of faces, not just those of models or brides, and it teaches me discipline. I confront the ugly demons of acne, dark circles, rosacea, heavy or mismatched foundation, and much worse, on a regular basis. I am also given the chance to educate– to retrain insecure or unhappy women to see themselves as beautiful, and to use less makeup, skillfully to look the way they wish they looked when they woke up. (that’s a mouthful!)

Anyway, I don’t talk to these women about Green makeup choices unless they ask. While I represent a philosophy of beauty that is natural, I am also being paid to represent one line in particular. So who am I to blame my friends and neighbors for Organic Physcian’s Formula poor launch result?

I endeavor to balance the scales of cosmetic injustice by posting here much more often, and attending as many green “networking” events as possible. I may not be able to preach from my prepaid makeup pulpit, but I can surely spread the green gospel when I walk amongst my own people. Watch out, Dog Park!


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