E= Marvelously Crystal Clear (Vitamin E, that is!)

Einstein wasn’t thinking about lips when he wrote his formula, but I’m going to co-opt it for the purposes of beauty. I love a glossy lip. That’s not to say I don’t adore a nice matte red, or even a moist looking rose lip, but a glossy lip is a FRESH lip. I’m a huge proponent of anything that can make a woman look less tired and more happy. And glossy lips make us look like shiny, happy people.

I’ve given this phenomenon a lot of thought, and I think I’ve finally figured it out: Some of our happiest, most alive and sparkling moments are when we’re eating. (It’s alway about the food with me, isn’t it?) See, when we eat celebratory cold treats (ice cream, popsicles, bon bons), our lips are shiny– and we’re happy. When we eat comforting, hot fried foods (Chinese takeout, French fries, buttery pancakes with syrup), our lips are shiny, and we’re happy. When we wear lipgloss, whether or not we actually feel it, we LOOK happy. And looking happy is the easiest way to look better, every day.

A recap:

1. Wearing undereye concealer makes us look happy. (see the concealer blog)

2. Wearing a sheer, bright blush makes us look happy. (see the blush blog)

3. Wearing lipgloss makes us look happy!

Lipgloss, as a cosmetic “go to” product has a few great things going for it: It makes your lips shiny–shine reflects light, which makes your lips look bigger. (this is why shiny pants are a terrible idea)

Lipgloss also makes your lips look healthier–all that shine reflects light away from cracks or lines or peeling on your lips.

Added bonus: lipgloss can nourish, soothe, and actually HEAL your lips, IF you use the right lipgloss.

*Do NOT use lipgloss that contains mineral oil, parabens, chemical preservatives, or plasticisers. THROW OUT every lipgloss you own that contains ANY ingredient you wouldn’t take internally. Why? Because if it’s on your lips, YOU ARE EATING IT, ALL DAY, EVERY TIME YOU WEAR IT. You know this is true. Don’t act surprised. There are sooooo many natural glosses on the market right now that are 100 percent clean and healthy that for you to continue to use that DISGUSTING gloss in your purse is simply inexcusable, gross negligence.

Tough love, girls– some of you need it!

My new favorite lipgloss is a very simple idea. It’s vitamin e oil. Brilliant! If you’ve got some of these capsules laying around in your medicine cabinet, (or your mother’s), you’re in business. When you’re getting ready in the morning, poke a capsule with a clean pin, and schmear across your lips. If you’re going for high glamour, put the e oil over your favorite lipstick (a sexy look, but not long lasting). If you’re more of a “natural” type, just put the oil on by itself. Your lips will look instantly full, lively, and HAPPY!

I’d love it if a cosmetic company came out with a rollerball wand of thick vitamin e oil (and yes, there are varying thicknesses of vitamin e oil….called IUs) My favorite vitamin e oil is Jason’s 32,000 IU Vitamin E Beauty Oil. The company offers several vitamin e oils, some of which are organic and some which are mixed with other healing (and edible) oils such as macadamia oil, avocado oil, and borage oil. I like the small glass bottle of pure, super thick vitamin e because it makes my lips look incredibly gorgeous, and it stays on for about an hour.

Downside? There’s no way I’m going to carry the glass jar in my purse for touch ups…so here’s my plan: I’ll finish using one of my tinted wand glosses from another company, then REUSE the container, filling it with vitamin e oil. Having that wand will be handy.

Here’s another idea; Mix a small amount of your favorite clean lipstick or a mineral pigment that you love with the vitamin e oil, and CREATE YOUR OWN FABULOUS GLOSS!!! You can even add a drop of food grade essential oil (cinnamon or peppermint are traditional). If you can eat it, you can add it.

Now, in the time it takes you to pop a vitamin, you will look fresh, sexy, and happy!

Top photos courtesy of Flickr’s: MoniChan, and MaryHeather


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