How Now, Brown Brow: The Art of Filling

groucho-marx-flckr-gotbabyI recently wrote about the extreme importance of careful brow plucking and shaping. Today we’re going to chat (actually, I’m going to lecture) about the two most oft employed methods of brow FILLING, and then I’m going to recommend two green makeup lines that address these methods.  I promise you will NOT look like a comedy act if you follow a few guidelines.

METHOD ONE: Filling in the brow using a brow pencil.
NOT a fan. Why? Because the result looks drawn on, and the brow, rather than looking like hair looks like a WAXY smear (brow pencils are like crayons, and remember, brows are just your regular hair, attractively perching on your face for the purpose of framing and lifting your eyes, in addition to being tools of expression. Eyebrows should look like HAIR. Brow pencils also transfer color too quickly, too thick, and too dark. Give them up.

100-percent-pure-fruit-pig-eyebrow-color-taupe2METHOD TWO: Filling in the brow with a non-waxy brow gel or paste
With a little care, BEAUTIFUL results! Use an angled brow brush (not the super stiff toothbrushy bristle brow brush, but a finer, softer-yet-still stiff angled brush). Dab your brush in a pot of the paste in a color that is (unless you’re blonde) at least three shades lighter than the darkest part of your hair. If you have warm chestnut tones, chose a light brown that has a hint of warmth to it. (A great light red brown=TAN) If your brown hair has a lot of blonde, choose a neutral light brown (A WHEAT color). Dark brunette? Go for a medium brown– trust me, your existing hair with provide the depth, we’re just trying to provide the “fill” in a way that won’t make you look like Groucho Marx. Start making soft dashes, filling in any sparse areas. I usually begin at the arch, go down to the tail (which usually needs the most help) and then go BACK to the beginning. The place you first begin will have the most amount of color. Many women already have nice, strong beginnings, and just need help with the finish.

100-percent-pure-eyeshadow1METHOD THREE: Filling in the brow with a powder eyeshadow

My favorite method. It’s FOOLPROOF! Such a soft, subtle effect–you will appear as though you came out of the womb with magnificent brows– Use your angled brow brush and tap it into an eye shadow. YES, an EYESHADOW that is several shades lighter than the darkest part of your hair. You will think to yourself: ‘This color is WAY too light to do anything’. Do it anyway. Thank me later. Follow the above application.nvey_eye_palette1

Finishing touches: I always love to brush a little loose face powder across the brows after they’ve been filled in. It lightens and softens them even more. Brows love powder!

For a great brow pot, I love 100% Pure’s Eyebrow Gel. They also offer a great vegan brow brush that gives great results.

For eyeshadows, you can feel free to use your green loose mineral shadows (Larenim has a great selection) but if you (like me) prefer a pressed eyeshadow and want a few great colors all in one palette, I think you’ll love Eco Nvey’s eyeshadow palettes (they have 5 great palettes, or you can buy the shadows individually). You’ll also adore 100% Pure’s Cocoa Pigmented Eyeshadow palette!

Now look at your gorgeous self in the mirror and practice raising one perfect brow.

Photo courtesy of Flickr’s Gotbaby


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