Pharmacy Phresh Organic Makeup

organic-wear2I wrote some months ago about the seeming demise of the Physician’s Formula new makeup line called Organc Wear. After watching the ad campaign “How Green is Your Makeup?” unfold in magazines everywhere, I had eagerly anticipated its arrival in my local Walgreens, and was surprised how quickly the line fizzled, and was pulled, due to “lack of interest”.

Now, I’ll admit, I wasn’t thrilled with the orangey, loose powder bronzers, and I was disappointed that even the lightest tinted moisturizer didn’t match my skin. But guess what, kids?

They’re back, and they’re better. Organic Wear, a green makeup line by Physician’s Formula, is reentering the market place with better product and a price point that leaves plenty of green in your wallet.

The line now features a black mascara (with adorable and recycled packaging) that I’ve worn for two weeks. It’s a solid performer, a workhorse, that can withstand two coats without clumping.

They have three pressed eyeshadow duos, also in recycled (pressed paper) packaging. I like the brown/champagne duo for blue eyes.

They also……drumroll, please…..feature a tinted moisturizer with spf 15 for people with IVORY TO FAIR skin!  (previously the lightest shade was Fair to Light) Well, folks, this is a revelation. A premade tinted moisturizer for the truly fair skinned girl. It’s the only one I’ve found so far that really is what it says it is, and I try ALOT of tinted moisturizers. I’ll be equally thrilled when they come out with one for darker tones, but for now I’ll embrace the fact that the green line didn’t get swept under the carpet simply because it didn’t have a succesfful first launch.

The company clearly went back to the drawing board and figured out what was keeping them from performing.

EVERY green makeup line needs a mascara. EVERY green makeup line needs pressed eyeshadows and bronzers.

And now you can buy a great line of green makeup brushes (ECO TOOLS) as well as green makeup (Physician’s Formula Organic Wear) in your local drugstore (or Target). You don’t have to be rich to buy organic. You don’t have to be privledged in order to dodge dodgy ingredients. You just have to be willing to try.

And try again. I’m glad I did.


5 thoughts on “Pharmacy Phresh Organic Makeup

  1. I tried the Ivory to Fair Tinted Moisturizer, and was quite impressed with it. I’d say it is the best in its category (green drugstore tinted moisturizers), though admittedly there’s not a lot of competition. 🙂 Definitely worth checking out though. I’ve also seen a lot of great reviews for their mascara!

    For high-end, my favorite green tinted moisturizer is Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint, in Light (perfect for fair skin!). It’s not as green as say, 100% Pure, but the ingredients are still far nicer than most, and it hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin or broken me out. It has a semi-matte finish, whereas many TMs can be glowy/shiny. (Also, I noticed that 100% Pure TM in “Fair” is now available for pre-order on QVC. Yay!)

    “EVERY green makeup line needs a mascara. EVERY green makeup line needs pressed eyeshadows and bronzers.”
    I heartily agree!

    I shall have to try the Organic Wear eye shadows; I’ve been curious about them, but nervous that they might be chalky.
    Thanks so much!

  2. I recently change my life style and beauty products to all natural and organic. I love it and so does my skin!!! I use to think that dry and troubled skin was something that I had to deal with on a daily basis and that if you where lucky enough you would be born with beautiful clear, soft, smooth skin. And that was not me, although my skin was not as bad as some I still broke out and had to wear makeup to cover redness, and blackheads. What I found out was that it was all the chemicals in the makeup and food that I was eating that mad my skin react. My body was rejecting all of those chemicals. Now that I have mad the right choice my skin is clear, soft, and glowing. This is a wonderful make up line.

  3. I’m a huge beauty products-user and normally use Mac (cosmetics) and Chanel. I’m very picky and particular about what I use on my face. It has to be outstanding, or I just won’t use it. I have tubs of unused cosmetics and creams all which I have not liked for one reason or another.

    I received this “Made from Earth” VITAMIN ENHANCED MOISTURIZER as a gift. I was expecting another product that I would be adding to my ‘don’t like’ pile. Boy was I wrong! From the second I opened the jar with the beautiful jar — it made that wonderful ’swisshhhing’ sound when it opened.

    When I put the cream on my face I was expecting it to be greasy and it wasn’t at all! There is an amazing skin-tightening and smoothing effect this cream has. As soon as I put it on, it sank in my skin, and my skin felt dewy and like a babies skin.

    I think the combination of vitamins and anti-oxidants & skin firming really are a miracle in a bottle.

    My husband told me the next day my skin looked incredible. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror close-up, it has a look now of smooth-glass. My big pores are diminished and it looks almost airbrushed.

    I LOVE THIS CREAM from the Made from Earth skincare line! I will buy this forever. I’m 34 and plan on using this to keep the wrinkles and lines at bay.

  4. I started using the Made from Earth organic Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer since 2006.

    There are two specific reasons why I continue to use it. I am sensitive to most cosmetic product smells and perfumes – the Made from Earth moisturizer is hypoallergetic and chemical free. It is absorbed by the skin without leaving a residue, or greasy feeling. Some skin products (some very expensive ones)have left my face dried out even though labeled as “moisturizers”.

    Made from Earth Moisturizer has this wonderful ‘cool’ feeling to it. A $60.00 jar lasts 4 months – do the math. Some over the counter skin products cost over $20.00 and Made from Earth Moisturzer on the whole, are fiscally sound purchases for those looking for a bargain.

  5. I don’t normally wear makeup because 1) I have really oily skin and it’s a pain in the butt to try to make makeup last all day with what I have to work with, 2) I am whiter than Michael Jackson wound up being and it’s impossible to find a foundation or tinted moisturizer that works without making me turn orange, and 3) I’m not a big fan of the harmful ingredients in most makeups, so I use them sparingly. All this considered, I absolutely LOVE Physicians Formula Organic Wear! The Ultra Black Mascara is absolutely the blackest I’ve worn since Avon’s Mark line pulled their Tattoo Lash mascaras off the market; the blacker my lashes, the more my green eyes pop, and the more compliments I get. As I’m a fan of compliments and not harming my body, the mascara gets a thumbs up!

    The tinted moisturizer in the new lightest shade actually matches my skin- shock!- and keeps my skin moisturized without adding to the natural oil buildup I get during the day. (Something I can’t say for Burt’s Bees tinted moisturizers… they matched my skin really well, but I felt like I was wearing a wax mask all day. Blech!) While the powders don’t really match my skin, when I tried them they went on silky-smooth and wore pretty well on me; even though I have to use Ben Nye’s Neutral Set Powder since it’s colorless, I would still recommend their powders to anyone. As someone who doesn’t wear much makeup, I have to admit that this product line is one that I would have no problem wearing daily. I haven’t had a chance to try their blushes and eyeshadows, I’m sure they work just as well based on the quality and care put into their other products.

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