Sleeping Beauty-full: The experiment begins…

clouds by catounettaOnce upon a time I dreamed I got a good night’s sleep.  It has finally occurred to me that I probably dreamed of a GREEN night’s sleep.

I’m mattress shopping, a task as important as husband shopping, and as critical for healthy relationships as it is for healthy complexions.  After much searching, I think I’ve found my Prince Charming: all natural latex with a wool topper.  I’m going with a rubber bed because I want that sproing-y feeling without the dust mite poop that winds up in spring coil mattresses (organic or not).  Dust mites and other wicked hangers on can’t live in natural latex, and unlike memory foam mattresses (chemical laden), natural latex is more like walking on rubber flip flops than in Birkenstocks (one bounces back, one molds to your shape).  My unconcious mind likes a little give.  I’m finalizing my decisions on  brand and purveyor, and I wanted to give you all a teaser.  Once I get it home and give it a couple weeks of careful scientific testing (including before and after photos of the circles under my eyes), I’m going to give you the full story.  Like, do you know Californians have more flame retardants in their blood than anyone else in the world?! Good news if you’re worried about spontaneous combustion, not so good if you want to live like a healthy spitfire.

Cloud photo courtesy of Flickr’s Catounetta


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