On and On: The New Lip

They say (those crazy magazine beauty editors) that gloss is dead.  Well, maybe not dead, perhaps, but at least looking a bit green around the gills.  To that I say, what new product are you trying to push?

Lipgloss is the easiest way to make a mouth look fresh and pretty, and to simultaneously bring a sparkle to the eye (something about light reflecting off of a glossy surface enhances the glint of your peepers).  But I’ll be the first to admit: Gloss doesn’t last a single kiss.

So, I’ll bite.  What is the new direction lip products are taking?  I know it’s not lipstick, because unless it’s got a rockabilly slant to it, there’s not a painted lip to be found in the whole of San Francisco at the moment, and not because we’re a bunch of hippies.  No, what seems to have grabbed us is the subtle glamor of the new lipstains.

Lipstains can add a “running through the fields” fresh, natural color to the lips as well as a “lip biting lust” burning flame of a shade.  There are a few notable green cosmetic companies providing the new look, and there are two ways to wear it:  Matte, or Dewy.  These fill-in colors vary in lasting power, from 8 hour true stains to 3 hour creamy lip pencils.

Longest lasting, with two finishes and a variety of eye popping shades is Tarte’s Lipsurgence.  Minty fresh, moisturizing, and actually feels good, especially if you’ve ever tried a mainstream cosmetic lipstain; you know what I’m talking about- not only full of hideous toxins, but they actually peel your lips right off! Next, also found at Sephora, is Josie Maran’s Magic Marker for Cheeks and Lips.  Both products impart sheer, bright color, not unlike Benefit’s old workhorse “Benetint”, but with different applicators, more color options,  and cleaner ingredients. Finally, my green favorite, 100% Pure, is adding their two cents to the mix.  They’re offering creamy, long lasting lip pencils, as well as long lasting bright pot rouges.  The lip pencils are more substantial than a stain, and lighter than a lipstick.  The pot rouges (which look fabulous on the lips as well) really impart the “stain” effect and are super clean.  I wish 100% Pure was available at Sephora–they would DOMINATE the green lines, but for now you can find the product line at 100PercentPure.com, you can find special deals at QVC.com, if you live in the Bay Area, pop into Rainbow Grocery or  the boutique in Berkeley, and finally, you can find 100% Pure in the new crop of green online “shops”,  startups, which I love to support.  These are usually forward thinking women who want to offer you several green lines under one roof.  I got my 100% Pure lip pencil, in fact, from Green4YourSoul.com and was pleased to see that she offers green pet products, too!

So while I’ll never stop trying to green gloss the world, (Indeed, I believe we should ALWAYS carry a pretty gloss in our handbag for running into ex’s, last minute dinner dates or trying on clothes), I will concede that a long lasting pop of color is a great low maintenance way to bring the bounty of our lips to everyone’s attention, and also withstand a few adoring kisses from fans!


14 thoughts on “On and On: The New Lip

  1. Great post! I never tried green lip tints before, as mostly mainstream ones are available in the Philippines. I’m excited to try 100% Pure, maybe I’ll have stuff sent in from relatives.

    • I love their pinkie pot rouge as a lip and cheek tint! Great staying power for tropical weather:) Thanks for reading, Kira!

  2. Hello!

    Great post. I tried the 100% Pure lip pencil after reading your review of it (I am a fan of the brand), and it is fantastic. It is like a long-wearing lipstick, but in my experience, not sticky or drying. The Berry is a gorgeous color. I shall have to try the Pot Rouge next!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Colleen! I know that the 100% pot rouges also work as EYELID primers! Crazy, but true. Give it a shot one evening, as you’re doing a smoky eye. Use a swipe of the cream blush on the eye lid, let it dry down, then apply shadow. The shadow will last longer, without creasing;) Cheers!

  3. Green is always in I must say… 🙂 I love your post. I’ve been a bit skeptical about lip stains because I’ve had bad experiences with certain products. However, you made it sound so worthy to purchase that I will definitely try and get one. LOL. 🙂

  4. Hi!! I’m so happy to have found you! I’m Italian and I’m practicing to be a makeup artist but always trying to keep green and organic 🙂 I’m following you with great interest!

  5. I love make up but never thought of keeping it green.Truly said that green beauty is more than skin deep. I’ll visit green online stores for sure. Thanks for reminding me.

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