Green Brides

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something green.

You’re getting MARRIED!!  YAY!!!

I know you’re thrilled.  And nervous.  And probably wondering what to do about wedding makeup and wedding hair.  And you’re hoping to go green on the Big Day, but you don’t know if it’s possible…

Here’s the great news.  You can look GORGEOUS in your wedding pictures AND feel fabulous about the products on your skin.

The two ideas are actually a match made in heaven.  You’re going to look at your wedding pictures for years, and every time you do, you’re going to say to yourself (or whoever is flipping through your photo album), “I know, right?  I’m stunning.  And I was wearing green makeup.  Because I love MYSELF, too.” 

You will get to smile smugly every time you see those pictures, AND every time a wedding guest tells you how beautiful you are that day, AND every time you catch yourself in a mirror and think, Holy Moses, I’ve been dancing for three hours and I still look good!

Wedding makeup is NOT terribly tricky business. I encourage all my readers to become their own makeup artists.  No one knows the composition of your face and the nature of your skin as well as YOU.   Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re doing your own wedding makeup, or having your Maid of Honor do it for you:

  1. Don’t use foundation with a chemical spf.  The photographer’s flash will bounce off of it, and your face will look 4 shades lighter than your body in photos.  If you want spf on the big day (an outdoor wedding, or lengthy photo shoots) opt for a foundation with titanium dioxide or zinc.  These are physical sunscreens.  Note: Most mineral makeup lines have physical spf built right in.
  2. Use waterproof mascara, even if you don’t normally like it, and even if your favorite brand doesn’t have a waterproof formula.  Try Tarte’s “Lights, Camera, Splashes.”  My brides have always been happy with this one.
  3. Stain your lips, then freshen up with lipgloss through the night.  There will be LOTS of kissing. If you establish a good base lip color, you can touch up after the reception line and dinner by applying a shimmering tinted gloss without having to find a mirror.  Your Maid of Honor should keep the lipgloss in her little purse, as well as undereye concealer for touch ups.
  4. When you CRY (because you probably will) DAB under your eyes, do not WIPE your tears.  Practice your wedding cry this weekend over a cheesy movie.  Wiping smears eyeliner and mascara (even waterproof) and wipes away foundation/concealer that you carefully applied.  So DAB, DAB, DAB.
  5. Stay HYDRATED You’re drinking champagne, you’re crying, and your body is retaliating because you’ve been trying to avoid the BLOAT all week.  You do NOT want to suppress your immune system on your wedding night.  Who wants to be sick during their honeymoon?  Hydrate.  Your skin will stay nice and plump (Plump skin = less wrinkles in photos) and you will look more youthful and dewy, like the fetching bride you are.
  6. From now until The Big Day, EXFOLIATEOff with the old, single skin.  The look of love will shine from your pores and your makeup will look LOADS better when your skin is smooth and fresh.

Finally, if you require a professional on The Big Day,  hire a green makeup artist.


4 thoughts on “Green Brides

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  2. Wedding makeup is NOT terribly tricky business. I encourage all my readers to become their own makeup artists. No one knows the composition of your face and the nature of your skin as well as YOU.

  3. Hi Aimee, I know you don’t do makeup anymore but I was wondering if you knew any green east bay makeup artists? Thanks!

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