From the Guestbook:

  • “…everyone looked g-g-g-gorgeous — especially me! 😉 And it felt really relaxing to be able to put myself in your hands in the midst of that crazy day. My biggest piece of advice to my friends who are getting married is going to be: surround yourself with people you genuinely like and trust and feel really good around. I was so happy when I saw you…It was like, Ahhhhhh. All will be well. “

            –Eliza Thomas Sarasohn, editor of Common Ground Magazine

  • “Hi Aimee! No one could get over how wonderful I looked- Thanks!…I just printed a picture of the 3 of us coming down the aisle and even under her
    veil Anna looks stunning.  I’m off to Yelp about you.”          

             –Nina Elsohn,  Mother of the Bride

  • “I had such a fabulous time with you…I know the shoot turned out great and I can’t wait to see the pics. Thank you SO much for agreeing to do your magic on my face! My skin has not broken out or been irritated at all (which usually happens after shoots due to the nasty makeup most artists use)– yay!  I swear, you are my makeup artist for life.”

             –Heather Pierce Cantor, vocal coach and lead singer of KarmaCoda

  • “As usual, you were fantastic. Thank you for taking such good care of my clients,thank you for being so flexible and accommodating, and thank you for doing a marvelous job.”

             –Nelle Donaldson, ZahZoom Weddings


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