The Green Remix!

Hey, Everybody!
So, finally, I’m combining the Green Makeup Artist blog with the regular website info, so you’ll have it all in one place. Bear with me as I attempt to sort it out and make it pretty and clean and lovely for you:)


4 thoughts on “The Green Remix!

  1. I am new to your blog and am loving it!! I checked out Larenim and was about to order their Mineral Airbrush pressed powder in 2-WM and was wondering if you think this would be a good match for someone with light/fair skin, yellow undertones but with some red in my face. I also plan on ordering the green powder for those red areas.
    Or, better yet, do you know a place where you can order samples of their make-up? It is so hard to tell online!

    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Erin! The Larenim 2-WM is a good call for you. The sponge provided does apply the foundation heavily, however, so use a light touch except on areas you feel need more coverage. You can dampen the sponge for a lighter allover application, or use a powder brush for more of a “setting” approach, too. If you have trouble sourcing Larenim locally, you might try the line Zuzu for pressed mineral powder (try Whole Foods or your local health/beauty shop). The shade I would choose for you would be D-4 (possibly D-7).

      And I’m wondering if you really need the green powder? We’re talking about a lot of powder, here, and unless you have truly oily skin, you want to be careful about a face-full of powder. Remember to exfoliate. Then moisturize. Then, if you have rosacea, use a primer of some kind (aloe based primers are great). Then powder foundation. If your skin isn’t very oily, consider a lightweight liquid foundation with spf and then setting with powder, if you need it. (100% Pure is great for both foundation as well as tinted moisturizer, but I also like Tarte’s age-reverse foundation, and it’s easy to return used product to Sephora, so it makes sampling the whole line much easier.)

      As far as sampling Larenim, I don’t have a source–in the past I have found it at Whole Foods Markets, and played with the store testers. They also have a decent return policy. In addition to checking out Sephora for Tarte, you can go online to find Tarte “intro” packages. In the same vein, go online to to find 100% Pure intro packages. Often, you’ll find bundle deals and that’s a great way to try new products. Remember, take care of your SKIN first. Makeup is really just there for balance and emphasis.
      Thanks for reading! Happy experimenting!

  2. You are awesome!! Thank you so, so much! It can be very overwhelming trying to find “natural” make-up products that people have tried and tested. I know everyone is different but I feel very optimistic about the ones you listed. I just finished trying samples from Vapour and was not too happy with the coverage. Anyway, thank you again!!!!

    I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes 🙂

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